Evonya and the Love E Team uses their creativity and style sense to curate a personalized image for each and every client.  We takes a client’s personality, lifestyle and career to create a look that is uniquely theirs.  Evonya and the Love E Team wants their clients to feel good about themselves and have fun with fashion and their personal […]

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Style starts with your closet. If you can’t see what’s in your closet how can you dress well.  The Love E team comes to clean, organize your closet by season, fabric, and color. As well as put together a style lookbook for you, so you never have to worry about what to wear again!

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As personal stylists it’s our job to ensure each of our clients look and feel their best.  Love E does this by curating a look that is just for you!  We take your personal style, body type, budget, lifestyle and personality to create a look that is uniquely yours!
Style is a way to say who you are without […]

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Love E wants every client to feel good and we assist in that by helping them look good. When you look good you feel good. Style is a way of expressing your individuality. You only get one chance to make a first impression. It’s important to present yourself how you want to be perceived and received.
You […]

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Bombshell Style

Sometimes you want to get your sexy back or bring your feminine and confident side to the forefront in a outfit that makes you feel beautiful and gorgeous!  Here are some examples and different styles on how to do just that!  Its an example for every shape to flatter your curves and showcase your bombshell style!  For […]

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Summer Essentials

With Summer in full force there are just some essentials that everyone needs!  No matter your height, size, or skin tone these are some of those pieces.  Everyone needs a great midi dress to keep you cool and cute!  Next the mule is the summer shoe that has a vintage vibe with a nod to […]

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Summer Statement Tops!

Its July temps are heating up, and you want to be able to stay cool and stylish!  So a quick and stylish way to do so is to pair everything with a statement top! Whether you are wearing a simple skirt, jeans or shorts a standout top will make your outfit pop!  Below are some summer […]

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Transforming Swim Into Style Outfits!

You have picked out all this great swimwear for the season its a shame to only be able to wear it to the pool and or beach.  So here are some style inspirations on how you can get even more wear out of your swim style!  Below are some visual examples from causal day to […]

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Summer Outfit Combinations That Bring the Heat!

The month of Summer is finally here! This is a great time with all the activities and events you are invited to, to know what different combinations you can put on to be quick and  stylish!  Below are some examples of different combinations that you can try and that always work so you can bring the heat all […]

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Summer Outfits!

Summer is coming this month! And of course this is the season of dresses, but not everyone is keen on them so this style tip is for you!  Even if you love dresses you still may want to switch it up every now and then.  These are some summer looks that are an alternative to dresses!  So incorporate […]

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Statement Summer Dresses!

Summer is Coming and this is the time of year of graduations, weddings, day parties etc!  Which means you will need outfits to wear to all these festive events this season! A great new trend in dresses is deconstruction and mixing prints and fabrics in one silhouette! This makes the dress make a statement and […]

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Metallic Fringe Statement!

Fringe is a trend and so is metallic so what’s better than combining the two! Below are some examples on how you can take this trend from day to night and causal to dressy. You can pair a metallic sweater with jeans and a tee for a day look, but then also be able to […]

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Lace Em Up!

Flats are on trend this season and I cant say enough how happy I am about it! As much as I love a heel and I do, a girl sometimes wants to rest her feet without sacrificing style!  Which is where the cute flats come in!  The twist is the ribbon that laces up your […]

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Summer Statement Bags

Summer will be upon us soon and I always tell my clients they need a great Spring/Summer bag and a great Fall/Winter bag, if they don’t have multiple bags to choose from.  This statement bag is a nice balance of classic and trendy with a retro twist!  The ring handle is fresh and chic and […]

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