Evonya uses her creativity and style sense to curate a personalized image for each and every client. She takes a client’s personality, lifestyle and career to create a look that is uniquely theirs. Evonya wants her clients to feel good about themselves and have fun with fashion and their personal style.

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Style starts with your closet. If you can’t see what’s in your closet how can you dress well. Love E & and her team comes cleans and organizes your closet by season, fabric, and color. As well as put together a style lookbook for you, so you never have to worry about what to wear […]

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As a personal stylist it’s Evonya job to ensure each of her clients look and feel their best. She does this by curating a look that is just for you! Evonya takes your personal style, body type, budget, lifestyle and personality to create a look that is uniquely yours!

Style is a way to say who […]

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Love E wants every client to feel good and she assists in that by helping them look good. When you look good you feel good. Style is a way of expressing your individuality. You only get one chance to make a first impression. It’s important to present yourself how you want to be perceived […]

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Three Trends for 2017!

There are a lot of trends for 2017 but here are three of the top ones!  Pajama style lounge outfits are still in its a comfortable chic way to be stylish!  Modern Suiting is another trend that puts a sassy twist on traditional.  Whether its a printed suit or structured detail incorporate one of these […]

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4 Different Ways to Wear Leggings

Leggings is a comfortable and functional stable that every woman has.  So want to have multiple ways to wear them and dress them up or down.  Here are 4 fashion forward ways to wear your leggings for this season.  By layering and accessorizing with statement pieces you can bring a whole new life to a […]

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5 Trends for the 2017!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a safe, fun and stylish holiday!  To start the new year off right want to give you  5 trends for 2017! Athleisure, Prints, Mules, Embellished Sneakers and Stripes! Each of these trends will carry you stylishly thru the whole year! For personalized style tips you can contact me here!

From […]

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Hope Everyone Has a Happy & Stylish Holiday & Blessed New Year!

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Fashion Forward Looks for New Years!

Its the end of the year and time to figure out not only what to do for New Years, but what to wear. Here are some alternatives to wear for the holiday instead of wearing bling bling and bodycon dresses. Try wearing satin and fur or leather and lace. Here are some style inspirations and […]

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Winter Statement Coats

With these cold winter days upon us a statement coat can be a topper to a plain ensemble! Bold colors, patterns and embellishments will jazz up everything from jeans to legging in less than a second. So when you are having a hard time figuring out a warm stylish outfit to wear, a beautiful statement […]

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4 Statement Outfits for the Holidays!

Holiday Season is upon us! So just because you are going to be going to all these events and parties doesn’t means you want to blend in with everyone else! So to be festive and fashion forward this season, here are four style inspirations of how to stand out in the crowd!

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Holiday Evening Bags


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and now that it is official holiday season we are getting invited to parties for the rest of the year. So not only do you have holiday outfits, but you need holiday bags to compliment your outfits.  These mini bags are an alternative to a clutch and offer a […]

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5 Ways to Rock a Sweatshirt!

A sweatshirt you wouldn’t normally think of wearing outside of actual sweating and lounging, but its actually alternate ways and multiple places that you can rock a sweatshirt! You can wear it to the office, long as you make the rest of the look corporate like trouser pants and loafers.  Another option is for date […]

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5 Winter Staples You Need

We are full swing into Fall and headed to Winter soon!  Some of the five winter staples needed are One, a great sweater that you can wear for work and play.  Second, a over the knee boot in a striking color for a standout staple. Third, a statement coat in a luxe fabric such as […]

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